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Information we need:

Please use our shipping form and include any extra information you feel might be helpful.  When shipping your unit in for repair please provide us with a valid UPS deliverable address. We also need daytime phone numbers, an email address and information about your unit. Please write down your make, model and serial number and keep a copy for your records. A complete description of the symptom or symptoms will help expedite your repair. If the problem is intermittent please try to identify any consistencies about when the problem occurs. Details about whether the product malfunctions when hot, cold, moving, stationary, one input, all inputs, etc. are of great help to our technicians when repairing intermittent problems.  All warranty repairs require you include a sales receipt or proof of purchase document clearly indicating date of purchase, unit and dealer information. 

Boxing and Shipping Instructions:

We recommend double boxing on all ship in repairs. To protect your unit, it MUST be double boxed as follows: wrap the unit with LARGE BUBBLE wrap ONLY (1" bubbles - NO "PEANUTS") till there is a 4- 6" THICKNESS of cushioning around the unit, and then place in BOX #1. Lean more towards the 6" thickness if the unit is HEAVY! If there is extra space in Box 1 after placing the bubble wrapped unit in it, fill the gaps with cushioning material. It is best to use a box as close as possible to the size of the bubble wrapped equipment. Place Box 1 in Box 2, making sure there is a minimum of 3" of clearance on all sides. Use ANY type of cushioning material between box 1 and box 2 to fill the gaps.

 If the original box and fillers are available, double box as well with 3" of cushioning between original box and box 2. Following this procedure will protect your shipment. We strongly suggest that you insure your shipment ($1000 minimum suggested) - insurance is very inexpensive (UPS = .35cents/$100, or $3.50 for $1000 of insurance) Following our packing procedure is critical for assuring insurance validity. We therefore reserve the right to charge you for re-boxing if you did not box in accordance with our guidelines.

The size of your package must fall within the shippers dimensional guidelines. UPS uses 130 as the dimensional limit which is calculated as follows:  The longest dimension of your box is the length. Add the length to twice the height, and twice the width. If that number is 130 or less, UPS is OK. Other shippers may use other guidelines and weight limits. Please contact the shipper for more information.

We use UPS for return shipping services.  All return shipping is calculated using the UPS website shipping calculator. You can access UPS information with the following links:

UPS Home          UPS Shipping Calculator          UPS Package Tracking

Shipping Options

There are many package/ship business's that can package your unit for you, but they charge for their work and place surcharges on all of their shipping services.  UPS WILL pick up from you personally for a $5.00 one time fee or you can drop it of at a UPS location. To save $$, call UPS yourself, box, insure and ship it from home or work !  UPS telephone is 1-800 742 5877 - They take CHARGE CARDS - all you need are BOX DIMENSIONS  and Weight.  The Post Office, DHL, FEDEX and Airborne are other options.

Price Limit Information:
All equipment sent to us will be AUTOMATICALLY  repaired unless we find while working on it that the repair would go over the maximum limit for your particular model (see non warranty limit rates). Please familiarize yourself with our limit rate policies.  If repairs can be completed for the limit or LESS, we will proceed.  Limit rates cover the repair only. All applicable taxes and return shipping costs are not included in the limits.  Always feel free to call us to inquire if you are not certain what category your equipment belongs to. If we find the repair would go over the limit, we will call you with a free estimate. Please include a copy of our shipping form with your unit. We require this form be signed with the proper limit rate filled in before we can accept your out of warranty repair.

Should I send money with my repair?
No - we will call you AFTER we have worked on your repair - we take VISA/Master Card/Discover. We reserve the right to insist on cash only if there has been any difficulty or history of bad credit.  We can take checks without releasing the unit if we wait 10 days for the check to clear.

Shipping Address:

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