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                 Non Warranty Limit Rates







Sound Pro's service rates have been designed to provide the most economical quality repairs possible. All carry in repairs for Flat Panel TV's and DLP/LCD Projection TV's qualify for free estimates.

All other repairs must be approved to a limit rate before they can be accepted for service. This limit reflects the average cost to repair that particular type of equipment. These limit rates have been established based on our technicians' extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years of servicing all types of electronic equipment.

If the total repair bill (parts and labor) is below the limit rate, we can complete the repair quickly, usually within a few days. If the repair cost is going to be over the limit rate, we will stop the repair and notify you with a free estimate. For Carry In repairs there is no charge for our time in diagnosing the problem and preparing the estimate when the repair is going to exceed the limit rate. If you decline the estimate, there is no charge for our services.  For In Home repairs a diagnostic fee applies for declined estimates over the limit rate.

The limit rate is exactly that--a limit. When the repairs are relatively simple your repair bill will reflect this and may be well below the limit rate. The price of each repair will vary according to the complexity of the repair and will not exceed the limit unless the free estimate is approved.


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        Television Carry In     In     Home  
DLP/ LCD Projection/Projectors  Free   Estimate $279
Flat Panel 49" & up Free   Estimate $279
Flat Panel 43" to 48" Free   Estimate $229
Flat Panel 33" to 42" Free   Estimate $179
Flat Panel 32" & below Free   Estimate $99
       In Home Service top
On site service calls must be authorized to the limit rate plus the service call charge. If the on site technician determines the repair is going to exceed the authorized limit rate an estimate of repairs will be presented for approval. If repairs are declined at this point, the service call and diagnostic fee will be the only charges due.  
Diagnostic Fee $34
Service Call 0-15 miles $65
Service Call over 15 miles $35 plus $1 per mile round trip
Mileages calculated at  
          CRT Television  
CRT Projection TV $229
 CRT TV up to 22" $89
CRT TV 23" to 28" $99
CRT TV 29" & up $179
All CRT units require a disposal deposit for carry in service. The deposit is applied toward completed repairs picked up within 30 days of repair.  The deposit is refunded on unrepairable units and declined estimate units picked up within 30 days.

CRT Projection Deposit   $75

CRT Direct View Deposit $25


DVD & Game Systems $89
TV/VCR Combo $99
VCR $79
Home Audio  
All-In-One/Shelf System $89
Cassette $79
CD $99
DVD $89
Processor/EQ $74
Receiver/Amplifier/Powered Speaker $94
DVD Receiver $129
Vintage Audio $129
       Car Audio  
Amplifier $89
CD Changer $109
CD Head Unit $89
Faceplate $44
Processor/EQ $74
Tape Head Unit $74
OEM Head Unit/Changer $129
DVD Head Unit $129
       Pro Audio  
Guitar Amp $89
Keyboard $99
Mixer-12 channels or less $99
Mixer-more than 12 channels 129
Processor $89
Power Amp/Powered Mixer $109
PA Head/Top Box $99
Wireless System $89